Wednesday, November 07, 2012

We Cut the Cord and Signal

I was fed up with a constant up-tick in costs for our Dish Network setup and started following the folks who had cut the cord (and disconnected the Dish) (like these folks).  Now, 3 months into this, I have some observations and recommendations.  In the Spreadsheet (also below) it lists the actual model numbers and links of what we purchased, but essentially it broke down to

2 Roku Boxes
One Satellite Antenna
1 Yearly Subscription to Amazon Prime
Monthly Subscription to Hulu Plus
Monthly Subscription to Netflix

  • Make sure you know where you can get your Chelsea Lately fix.  Turns out this one is the most painful as she was our go-to Late Night show.  I can't find her ANYWHERE in the streaming world.
  • To expand the number of channels available, look into setting up a Plex Server, it runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, on pretty low-end hardware.
  • Dig through YouTube for kind souls who capture and upload extra programming and run it through Plex.

Here is the Spreadsheet we used (preview below) to calculate our actual costs to install and also the monthly rates.


Andy Cordell said...

Great article. It takes some getting used to, but we would never go back to cable TV. I found a site called cablecutterguys with a lot of tips on this topic.

David Spangler said...

Andy- Thanks for the note! I will surely check out the cablecutterguys.


Mark Ordonez said...

The only thing keeping me from ditching Dish altogether is live sports. I want to be able to easily watch and DVR games from the NFL and the NBA, and watch races from various auto sports series. I think the NBA is the only one of these that has a true, online-only way of watching live games, as opposed to having streaming tied to a subscription from a cable or satellite provider.