Wednesday, December 15, 2010

AC/DC Schooling

Every morning I take the kids to school, I have a quick under-10-minute drive.  Being an old school heavy-metal enthusiast (think Crue, Van Halen (with David Lee Roth ONLY)) I subject them (boy age 10, girl age 6) to all manner of the ROCK.

In addition, I'm a trivia and minutiae junky, so the drive includes a quick discourse on whatever song I'm playing, sometimes it is lightning-quick quiz time, sometimes it is more subjective: "Who is the best rock drummer EVAH?"

AC/DC has proved to be the most agile ROCK subject, complete with sordid history of debauchery, death, Hell, love, etc.  Two lead singers marking two distinct eras, the band coming back from the edge of dissolution by recruiting a new singer and creating one of the most listen-able and money-making albums of all time, Back in Black.

My favorite quick quiz for AC/DC is, guess which guitar player is starting the song - Angus or Malcom Young - I make them listen for the tone and pattern of each of their very-distinctive guitar rigs.  Also on the agenda is "How does Phil Rudd make so much from so little?"

At the end of this, they just like to yell "HELLS BELLS" at the top of their lungs all the way to school.

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