Wednesday, October 17, 2007

7.95! 7.95! at the Jolly Inn - Polish Buffet

Just ate lunch with my work homies at the Jolly Inn in Chicago at Irving Park Rd. and Oak Park Ave. on the Northwest side.

The Jolly Inn is a smashing Polish buffet restaurant on the NW side of Chicago. The prices are good, the refills are free and the pierogi are hot and fresh. The Lakes (potato pancakes) are really good and thick and spiced up just enough to give them a good flavor even without the sour cream and applesauce. They are also cooked enough so when they sit on the buffet line they don't get too moist. Ewww=moist latkes.

When we take the kiddies there, the boy will eat (normally) the shrimp and some of the potato pancake. The little girl will not eat much except for the dessert, of which there are typical polish-style desserts, which usually run a little too sugarless for me.

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