Friday, November 09, 2012

Happy Birthday Roxy!

REPOST!  From the  Happy 4th Birthday to our wonderful Roxy!!!!!  We wouldn't have her without the Sunburst Project!  Donate if you love the hounds at the link below!

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

We Cut the Cord and Signal

I was fed up with a constant up-tick in costs for our Dish Network setup and started following the folks who had cut the cord (and disconnected the Dish) (like these folks).  Now, 3 months into this, I have some observations and recommendations.  In the Spreadsheet (also below) it lists the actual model numbers and links of what we purchased, but essentially it broke down to

2 Roku Boxes
One Satellite Antenna
1 Yearly Subscription to Amazon Prime
Monthly Subscription to Hulu Plus
Monthly Subscription to Netflix

  • Make sure you know where you can get your Chelsea Lately fix.  Turns out this one is the most painful as she was our go-to Late Night show.  I can't find her ANYWHERE in the streaming world.
  • To expand the number of channels available, look into setting up a Plex Server, it runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, on pretty low-end hardware.
  • Dig through YouTube for kind souls who capture and upload extra programming and run it through Plex.

Here is the Spreadsheet we used (preview below) to calculate our actual costs to install and also the monthly rates.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Cheese. That is All.

Last Hanukkah the fam purchased a $30.00 gift card to the Marion St. Cheese Market in Oak Park, IL and I only just now have gotten around to using it.  Actually, I tried to use it in the Summer but I was overwhelmed by the Market's awesome cheese and beer selections.  That trip I left in shame having been unable to make up my mind.

Yesterday, though, I had a plan and brought the posse with me.  We settled on relying upon the cheese-monger's selection (with a must-have of an awesome Stilton).  The cheesemonger at the Market was a very knowledgeable young person (yes, I'm old), she had quite a knowledge of the selection (3 huge cases), offered samples of anything and everything we wanted and sang along to the James Brown on the radio.

Anyways- we walked out with 5 different types of cheeses- I'm too lazy to list all 5 right now, but the first one sampled today was:

Which upon looking it up I found the Colston Basset site: but a better rundown on the Stilton is this PDF.

Thank you Marion Street Cheese Market Mongers!  (and the personal posse!)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's the Hollerdays, that special time of year: Time to oppress your friends and family with photos through the mail is here.  If you pick the right picture you impress your friends with the "photo" version of your life, if you don't, you will be ridiculed for an entire year-- choose carefully!

NOTE: Do NOT use planking pictures for your holiday cards:

Here is a great site that I'm considering using to generate our holiday cards:  Tiny Prints - Check out their Hanukkah card example:

Remember, card placement in your house is a decision not to made lightly.  Do you want to create the Picture Collage on your fridge?  Or throw them randomly into the tree?  Or create a "Special" Menorah that somehow incorporates your favorite received pictures (what???).  Get crackin!  If you are just getting around to taking that family photo with matching Christmas Sweaters you may already be too late!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I was recently asked to be a pinch-hitting Shofar Blower at our Temple (the Oak Park Temple) for one of the High Holiday services. I hadn't done this type of thing before, and while I was learning, I started a Shofar for Newbies site. Check it!

Friday, October 07, 2011

My Kids Making Microwave Brownies!

Here are my kids doing their best kitchen demo of Microwave Brownies - Yum.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Our New Puppy!

We just received our new puppy, Roxy, a retired racing Greyhound! She is really sweet and wonderful and we're all getting along really well. The kids are over the moon about our new girl! Her original racing name is Go Bon Rock Me and her mom was Go Bon Pure Evil. Nice! She is a rescue from the Flordia race tracks, who have a whole lot more dogs who need homes. Check out this link which has a picture of Roxy before we received her. Also look at the Sunburst Project for more info about what is happening to these Greyhounds (the rescue of them).